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Fire & tank watch

Jacquot Health & Safety is recruiting motivated individuals who want to work and discover new places onboard a cruise ship! 


The job is Fire Watch & Confined Space monitoring. 


Your responsibilities would be:

-Follow instructions of your team manager or/and vessel officers.

-Monitor hot works being performed (you do not physically perform hot works!)

-Monitor Confined Spaces (you do not enter confined spaces)

-Preparing and keeping hot work locations safe, with the instructions of your team manager. 

-Enforce safe systems of work as per your superior's instructions when necessary. 

-Other various Occupational Health and Safety related tasks like extinguishing small fires, communicating to the bridge in case of an emergency, calling your superior if safe systems of work are not respected etc. 

Currently we are recruiting for 3 projects:

Varna project in April for the duration of 15-20 days (details to be confirmed by client that subcontracts us). No food or accommodation is planned. This project is expected to require a total of 10-12 individuals. 

Second and third projects are be onboard a cruise ship. The employment would be 2 months of trial period (employed by the cruise line) and 4 months regular employment (by Jacquot Health & Safety) starting in early June. This project is expected to require 30-32 recruits by our company. 

Accommodation and food are provided on board. 


Main Requirements are as follows:

-Knowledge of English at a minimum of B level. 

-Learning study material provided by the company regarding the tasks you will perform (Shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours to learn). 

-Passing an interview assessment that will assess the above two requirements.

- 18 years old or older.

-Motivated for long hours of standing.


It is recommended to:

-Have some experience onboard a cruise vessel or other type of vessel. 

*the following is mandatory only for cruise line employment.
-Have STCW Basic Safety & Confined Space Entry Certificate (individuals with these certificates will have priority when it comes to recruitment, for those that don't and pass the recruitment process the training will be paid in full by the company, training will be in Varna in May.)

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Fire & tank watch Jacquot Health & Safety
Jacquot Health & Safety
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Fire & tank watch
Jacquot Health & Safety

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