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Mobile Systems Ltd

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Mobile Systems Ltd

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MobiSystems has been a leading provider of mobile productivity and business applications for over 22 years. Our solutions extend the usability of mobile devices across platforms, allowing for enhanced desktop-grade productivity regardless of location.

As the developer of the award winning mobile app OfficeSuite, MobiSystems serves over 500 million individual and enterprise users in 195 countries. OfficeSuite leads app downloads and ratings in Google Play, Amazon App Store and Samsung Apps, as well as Apple"s App Store.

It is a Google Play Editor"s Choice, and the top app in the business category with over 350,000 reviews. OfficeSuite is also PC Magazine"s Editor"s Choice and InfoWorld"s Best Office App for Android. MobiSystems was founded in 2001 and is entirely privately held.
At MobiSystems, we believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. We value diversity and encourage our employees to express their unique perspectives, ideas, and talents. Our team is made up of talented individuals who are passionate about developing cutting-edge mobile applications and driving innovation in the industry.

We provide our employees with opportunities for professional growth and development, empowering them to contribute to the creative process and make a meaningful impact. We believe that by embracing different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, we can deliver the best mobile productivity solutions to our users worldwide.

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