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Managing Director (remote)

The Good Food Institute Europe (GFI Europe) is looking for a new Managing Director to lead the team making Europe's food system better for the planet, people, and animals . You'll use your strategic, leadership and management skills to champion sustainable proteins in Europe and enable our top-performing team to have the maximum impact.

GFI is a nonprofit organization working to advance plant-based and cultivated (grown from cells) meat, in order to solve some of the world's biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger, to antibiotic resistance and animal suffering. 

Reporting to the Board of GFI Europe, you will lead the organization and its fantastic team. You will oversee the day-to-day work of the organization, provide strategic leadership, and represent us to key stakeholders. You will benefit from – and contribute to – the mutual support, resources, and expertise of our global network of affiliate organizations. 

  • Full-time (flexible hours), permanent.

  • Home-based/remote from anywhere in Europe.

  • Salary: The salary and benefits package for all of our roles are researched and benchmarked against nonprofits and think tanks in the country of hire, and our policy is to pay 20% above the market rate. Due to capacity, we cannot complete this detailed research for every European country in advance, but indicative ranges are:

    • If based in Germany: €102,000 to €114,000 gross per year.

    • If based in the UK: £78,000 to £92,000 gross per year. 

We actively encourage people from all countries across Europe to apply for this role.


To be successful in this role, you will have:


  • A passion for GFI's philosophy and mission.

  • Outstanding strategic and management skills.

  • Experience compassionately and successfully leading a team to deliver high impact.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


We want the best people and we don't want biases holding us back. We strongly encourage people of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. Because we value a diverse workplace, we prioritize an inclusive climate absent of discrimination and harassment during the application process and after you join the team.


For more information about this role and to see the full list of responsibilities and requirements, please check out the full job description on our website ( https://gfieurope.org/careers/managing-director/ ). 

If you have any questions, please join us for a live Q&A on 30 January at 7pm UK time / 8pm CET

09 Март 202365
Managing Director (remote) The Good Food Institute Europe (Belgium) ASBL
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Managing Director (remote)
The Good Food Institute Europe (Belgium) ASBL

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