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Founded in 1988, Buchanan Technologies is a privately-held technology services corporation that has been helping its clients’ successfully navigate the tremendous shifts in enterprise technology for more than three decades. 

At the heart of our success is a dedication to working closely with our clients, delivering strategic IT services that assist their business objectives, and transform their organizations. 

We believe in putting people first — and technology second. 

So while software and hardware technology continues to change, our customer-centric approach to IT never will.


Looking for a career in IT Services? 

We are always looking for both entry level and seasoned IT professionals to support our growing business. 

Our recruiting department will help place you in the career you desire, hiring for both internal needs and for our clients. 

If you have a specialty for a programming language to fit into our development team, a keen understanding for technology that will make you a great partner on our support center or field service teams, or you are into project management, Buchanan Technologies has a wealth of opportunity to assist in growing your career.

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Служители в България: 20
Градове в България:София
В България от:2007
Служители глобално:500
Държави/градове извън България:САЩ и Канада
Година на основаване:1988


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